Yonemoto Corporation

A worthwhile encounter

To provide the highest level of career consultation & support services for those considering career progression and/or changes (full-time employees, outsourced employees, contract employees)

Our Strengths

- Connecting clients with top talent -

Yonemoto K.K. was founded in 2023 with a focus on foreign companies based in Tokyo, Japan.
Our search area covers a diverse range of positions, and we provide global and reliable bilingual executive searches, and
As a specialized IT recruiting firm, we strive for perfection and contributing to the growth of our clients.

Top approach

Contact company presidents and executives In addition to searching for the candidate's desired position,
we also uncover potential needs of the company and approach them to find suitable positions for our candidates.

Timely response even during
off-business hours

Please feel free to contact us via email, phone if you have any questions.

A life-time career partner

we support not only full-time employees but also the realization of various work styles, including freelancing and outsourcing.

Contingent Search Service

We offer qualified and highly motivated candidates by utilizing our database of junior to middle level IT professionals, as well as external databases such as job search websites.

Retained Search Service

For mission critical searches which posses direct impact on the company's management and business.


Recruiting Permanent Business in Japan

As a search-based recruiting firm, we are constantly active in searching for new talents.

By adopting various strategic methods, we identify, approach, and introduce high potential candidates who might not appear in the job market.

Specializing in the IT industry, we also offer top quality support and consultation upon successful placements/introduction, to ensure smooth and satisfactory transitions.

Service for Individual Business Owners (Freelancers)

We provide ongoing consultation and support services from project searches to contract negotiations and post-operation support.

Through personal networks developed over years of experience, we offer a wide variety of projects ranging from IT infrastructure, software development, and mission-critical projects for both foreign and Japanese companies

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