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Contingent Search Service

Contingent searches are suggested for:

Yonemoto Corp will present IT specialist, and executive level talent to you
based on our extensive professionl network.
Contingency searches are suggested for:
Headhunting active job seekers via our personal database and external tools, such as job board.
Candidate introductions are not exclusive.
Searches which do not require a customized strategy or approach.
Clients are always open with other search firms.

Our Contingent Search Service:

We are only compensated upon a candidate’s successful placement, and hire.
Client is not required to pay any upfront fees, and etc.


Retained Search Service

Retained searches are suggested for:

Executive positions where the potential impact of success or failure can happen
Positions where the candidates are difficult to source, and much harder to move forward
Sensitive high-level searches where the position involves the replacement of a current person.
A new business initiative where confidentiality is important, or where market perceptions affect the client’s ability to attract the right talent.
New companies entering the Japanese market without a dedicated HR function.

Our Retained Search Service:

Retained search projects are managed confidentilally, and directly supported by us.
Clients are shared with detailed reports at regular explaining the search progress, candidate, and competitor information.
The client is shared 100% exclusivity regarding our candidate introductions until ther interview result comes out.


Project-Based Contract Service

Supporting IT freelance engineers

Negotiations with companies – Unit fee & Project scope
Introduction of prime projects of foreign/Japanese companies
Appropriate consistent follow-up during ongoing projects
Share long-term project information to prevent project interruptions

Project-Based Contract:

We offer to explain further regarding pros, & cons of independent contractors from various angles
We also have strengths in negotiating unit fees & project scope.
Below is an example of a person who wants to freelance.

  • Set the number of hours they work
  • Good at self management
  • Define specific areas of their work
  • Those who want to undertake a project as a side business