Candidates - Yonemoto Corporation

For candidates for job change

Flow of job change support

Step 1


Method : Face-to-face, telephone or WEB (ZOOM)

Time: about 30 minutes

Our company introduction
Job market trends
Future career aspirations
Precise hearing and advice on the axis of job change and appropriate timing

Step 2

Job application

After confirming the job offer information, make a decision on the application. If you have any questions about the content of the application, Please do not hesitate to ask a question.
If you are good to proceed, we will recommend it to the client and proceed to the interview process.
Providing preparation for interview, and creating CVs
Step 3

Selection measures and Company interviews

Interview preparation using past interview questions
Sharing techniques to increase the selection pass rate
Advice on grooming, and how to behave during an interview etc.
Conducting company interviews after document screening
We willl coordinate interview schedule etc

Step 4

Negotiation of terms

Recognition of various conditions and final intention to join the company
After issuing an offer letter, njegotiation of timing of joining date and salary conditions
Final check of the content of the offer with us

Step 5

Job Offer/Joining

Contract conclusion support
After the job offer, reference checks and Advice for a smooth retirement process
Even after joining the company, we will continue to follow up on the progress of work on a regular basis.

Advice on creating a Japanese resume and work history

①List in order of most recent work and most recent career history

② What to include in your resume
Nationality, permanent residency, visa (type, duration)

③Work history summary
Briefly summarize your experience (5 lines or less)
I try to write only objective facts.

④ Experience/skills
After referring to the job content of the job posting, required experience and skills, etc.,
Itemize points that you want to emphasize in particular.”

⑤Work history details
Business content/environment/language
Describe the project/outline/responsible phase, etc.
The scale of the development and its role are specified in the role/scale section.

⑥ Acquisition qualification
After referring to the job content of the job posting, required experience and skills, etc.,
Include only what you think is necessary. Others listed on resume

⑦ Self-promotion
The part that is most checked by both the recruiter and the person in charge of the field
Is it logical, can you appeal well in short sentences,
How will your experience and skills be used in the company you apply for?
Appeal firmly whether you think you can make use of it,
Put yourself in the position of the reader and summarize it in an easy-to-read and impactful sentence.”

Advice on writing an English resume

Number of pages: Up to 2 pages. Ideally 1 page
Employment history In principle, fill in the newest work history first
Font: Times New Roman or Arial are commonly used
*I/You cannot be used
Don’t include subjective expressions
Try to emphasize your selling points.

①Personal basic information
The name is large and easy to see
Contact information is a phone number or email address

②Job type
Fill in the type of job you are applying for/subject
If the subject of the application is clear, you can omit it or change it to Personal Summary.

③Work history
In principle, fill in in order from newest work history
Results and achievements are expressed numerically

④Academic background
In addition to the final educational background, describe the related educational background

⑤ Skills/Qualifications
List English proficiency, technical skills and qualifications

⑥ Interest
Describe things related to the position you are applying for
If not, you can omit it.